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David French Teacher is a funny visual novel whose purpose is to test your knowledge of the French language through a few questions based on funny scenes. However, even if you don't talk any word in French, you should be able to complete the game :)

The story has roughly 1590 words, let's talk about 10 minutes of play if you succeed directly the first time and unlock the secret ending.

The development of this game is not over, I have currently wrote the plot of 3 new scenes ( 4 new questions ) and plan to make a small KS campaign to unlock funds and change vector silhouettes by chibis, add CGs, add an opening etc.


  • Currently 6 Questions
  • 1 secret ending if you get 6/6
  • A lot of funny lines !
  • 1 achievement

Age Rating

16+ Only ! (Language)


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I hope it is, It's a really short game in the same vision than the famous Great Teacher Onizuka anime :) Thanks to have tested it!

np problem :) it was hilarious